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Zerard - Zerard is a ecumenopolis, a planet whose city covers its entire surface, and is considered the most advanced planet in the Wilherser System. It is home to the Longardian Federation, the famous Insectron Stadium, the infamous Rosencaster Prison, and a Daytron Starship Factory, as well as the important Galaxy Corporation. With expansive city streets and buildings the size of a football fields, Zerard is the most populated planet in the Wilherser System. Every day, one thousand people or more visit Zerard to see Insectron Battles, to visit the Daytron Factory, or to view the 7 story Gladius Towers. While Zerard is home to all these attractions, is also has its own celebrities, including MIO and Mr. Rosencaster.

Lilika, Jaster and Zegram in Zerard

Planetary Profile[]

Climate: Perfect
Population: Intelligent and attractive
Areas: East Side, Main Street, West Side, Rosencaster Prison, Starship Factory, Galaxy Corporation, Gladius Towers
Major Exports: Electronics, Robots, Spaceships, Industrial Goods, Money Major Imports: Food, Travelers, Money

Party Members Met Here:[]

Places of Intrest[]