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The Wilherser System contains all of the planets that the crew of the Dorgenark can visit during the events of Rogue Galaxy. It is predominantly controlled by the Longardian Federation, but it is implied that other planets beyond those encountered throughout the events of the story exist, as do other systems controlled by other political entities. According to Deego, there are twelve planets in the system.


  • Rosa, the desert planet enslaved by the forces of the Longardian Federation.
  • Juraika, the jungle planet hosting a civilization that has remained unchanged since ancient times.
  • Zerard, the technologically-advanced capital of the Longardian Federation.
  • Vedan, a planet of eternal night where precious ores are mined.
  • Mariglenn/Eden, a planet that disappeared thousands of years ago.
  • The Rose Nebula, a beautiful space that travellers pass through as they voyage between planets.
  • Alistia, a planet covered in tropical islands and ocean.
  • The Ghost Ship, a mysterious vessel where angels fear to tread its corridors.
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