Toady (or Cra Cra) is an unusual frog whose exposure to the mysterious substance Rune has given him the ability to swallow weapons and regurgitate a new weapon. He appears after the defeat of the Mud Whooper who was his friend, corrupted by the Rune. He asks Jaster, Kisala  and Zegram to take him with them because he doesn't want stay alone with the jungle monster. When Jaster  and Kisala agreed, he gleefully jumps on Zegram and joins the party.

Weapon Synthesis Edit

The game features a Weapon Synthesis system which can be used to create powerful and effective weapons.

All weapons gain EXP from battles until they reach a level where they are "Maxed" and can be synthesized along with another similar weapon to create an even stronger one. This is accomplished by the use of Toady . Toady can also analyze weapons and make suggestions for combinations, and will helpfully warn if a combination he's attempting to digest will give useless or negative results. He can only combine two weapons of the same kind.

After a weapon is "Maxed" on its experience, it continues to gain additional damage in specific "elemental" categories - fire, ice, lightning, wind, and holy. These can improve to a limited degree. When the experience and the elemental damage is at maximum, a weapon is considered "Mastered" and cannot be improved further. Improving these stats can mean a more powerful weapon is produced when Toady is used.

All playable characters possess two weapons: primary and secondary. The majority of the characters have a close-range weapon set as primary, while long-range weapons will be their secondary. However, Lilika has the opposite set up, and Kisala has no ranged attacks. Combining weapons is no different among characters.


  1. Toady is respectively voiced by Quinton Flynn, a voice actor famous for his works in FF, Kingdom Hearts, and Metal Gear Solid.
  2. Toady is the only character to be seen in the item menu, and is also the only item to have an animation in the item screen.