Seed unmasked

Seed is an artificial human created by Daytron whose sole purpose was to open the gate to Eden by solving an impossible puzzle. He is a recurring antagonist in Rogue Galaxy and believes himself to be the "son" of Valkog Drazer (occasionally referring to him as "father"). His first appearance is on the second visit to Rosa, where Dorgengoa's crew visits the Ancient Ruins in the Sylvazard Desert. He is shown alongside Valkog and his assistant Norma Kissleigh, who learns that in order to open the gates, three unique keys are needed. Valkog orders him to destroy Jaster and the crew after learning they were hunting the Key Peices as well.

Personality Edit

Seed is the opposite of Jaster, he is always calm and sure of himself, and this often leads him to overestimate himself. His greatest desire is to satisfy his "father" Valkog and to become a "real" human like Jaster and his friends. He is also shown to be emotionally unstable, as during the cutscene before his final moments, he pleas towards his father to accept him, but becomes enraged when Valkog insults him, calling him a "dud".

Appearance Edit

Like Jaster, Seed has a strikingly similar, albeit unique, birthmark on the left side of his face. He has silver hair, with a bent bundle of strands pointing upward, and silver colored eyes. He wears a complex black and white suit, and he's first shown wearing his "trademark" emotionless black and white mask. He wears this for a short while, since his face "wasn't ready" yet. His weapon of choice is a long, black sword, with two outward blades coming off the hilt. It also resembles a pair of demon wings, fitting his final form's weapons, which are a pair of scimitars in a near-similar shape as the additional blades.

Unmasked, Seed bears a resemblance to Jaster, minus the hair, clothing, and skin tone. This is due to him being created from a human genetic code found on the Great Tablets. Though the only true resemblance is the birthmark found on Jaster.


Seed Vs. Desert Claw


Seed makes his debut


The final boss in the Ghost Ship, Doppelganger, strongly resembles Seed but looks as if he's in "Star King mode" like Jaster.