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Salamander Mk. VIII, The Scorching Alchemist is the first Quarry and boss in the game.

Quarries (a.k.a. Bounties) are special seek-and-destroy missions where the party is tasked with hunting down a powerful, unique enemy worth enormous amounts of Hunter Points. They can be initiated by speaking to Faye in the Galaxy Corporation Headquarters and paying a fee for the information.

Story Relevance[]

MIO's Completion Percentages[]

  • Defeating all Quarries is necessary to complete MIO's Completion Percentages in the category; with 100% the party can obtain Lilika's outfit the Sun's Beloved Wear.


Before embarking on the hunt, you must first purchase the required information from Faye at the Galaxy Corporation Headquarters. Once you have the information, you must seek out the appropriate location, which will be marked with a question mark (as if you must trigger an event). You will set a certain item here as bait for the quarry - when it arrives, you will engage in battle. Quarries, being unique enemies, are always Boss Fights, so be prepared. When you are victorious, report your victory at a Transporter to acquire the Hunting Points. are known to drop rare and valuable items as well as a fair amount of Zehn. If you have the money, the supplies and the confidence, it's worth the time and effort spent on it.

Quarries List[]

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