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Qrann Ijiru

Qrann Ijiru is a brave Burkaquan Warrior from the planet Juraika with a temperament that is cold and taciturn but also has a kind heart. He's against Miri's sacrifice and has feelings for her. He is ready even to turn against the whole village in order to save Miri, even if that means going against religous practices. When Jaster, Kisala and Lilika defeat the Individer, he comes in time to save Miri just in time from the fall of the monster. After the departure of Lilika with the Dorgengoa's crew, he become the new leader of the Burkaquan Warriors. Qrann can finally stay peacefully and happily with Miri.


Qrann is the second strongest Burkaquan Warrior immediately after Lilika, this make him a brave and proud warrior that cannot show any weakness, but in reality he is a good person that wants only protect his people and especially Miri.


Qrann is a young man with dark skin, long binded violet hairs and green eyes, who wears a light leather cloth and always carries with him his spear.