Norma Kissleigh

Norma Kissleigh is Valkog Drazer's secretary. Though only a secretary, she is often known to have more control over Daytron and sometimes even gives Valkog orders.

Appearance Edit

Norma is a purple skinned elf-like humanoid with long, wavy red hair and a light blue jewel on her forehead. Her eyes are also light blue. She has a beauty spot next to her lips on the right side of her face. Around her neck is a dark blue choker with a large teardrop shaped, light blue gemstone attached. She also has large silver hooped earrings. She always wears glasses with a red rim and her outfit consists of what appears to be a dress suit formed of a red jacket with blue, red and white detailing and a pink skirt. She wears dark blue tights with a red and white garter around her left thigh and smart, red high heeled shoes with straps just above her ankles.

Weapons Edit

Norma's weapon choice is a gun. When fighting her as the second-to last boss in the game as part of the Demon Battleship, she uses massive claws and the jewel on her forehead launches a high powered electrical attack.