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Miri Rhyza

Miri Rhyza hails from the remote and primitive Burkaqua Tribe that lives on the jungle planet Juraika and is the younger sister of Lilika. Long before the events of the story, She and their mother, Amni, had been out in the Jungle picking fruit when they were attacked by The Individer. In the attack, their mother was killed by the beast. Lilika was knocked away from her sister, whom the beast had laid eyes upon next. In Lilika's memory, she fought valiantly against the beast...but her blows came to naught. It almost seemed as if, for all the good it was doing, she was striking at water. The beast attacked Miri and took her eyesight. Years later, when Miri is to be sacrificed to the "Star God" in order to halt the spread of the Dark Fruit, Qrann Ijiru who has feelings for her is aganist the sacrifice but before he can do anything the beast appears again. This time, Lilika defeated the Individer with the help of Jaster, Kisala. After the defeat of the monster Miri is finally free and while Lilika is exiled and becomes a member of The Dorgengoa crew, she remains in the village with Qrann. Near the end of the story, it is revealed that Lilika did not fight the beast as she remembered: instead, when her sister called to her, she froze in panic. Seeing her sister being mauled by the beast, she could not bear to live with the memory that she had sat by and done nothing to save Miri from the beast. As such, she fabricated her memories so that she would think she fought it, just to keep the guilt away. When confronted with the truth, however, she breaks down. It is then that her mother appears before her and helps her to find the courage to face the truth and move on with her life, granting Lilika the Drigellum of Courage when she does so.


Miri is a young woman with light brown skin and green eyes. She has long violet hair, and wear a tiara. She wears a long Burkaquan robe adorned with jewels.


Miri is an innocent young girl that is always worried about her sister and Qrann. She is always gentle with everyone and hate seen people suffer. She has feelings for Qrann.