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Dorgenark enters the gate portal to reach Mariglenn

Mariglenn, also called Eden, is a technological advanced planet that disappeared thousands of years ago from the galaxy. It was ruled by King Albioth and Queen Freidias and it used to be called Eden because the beauty of the planet with lots of mineral and treasure, its a dream for all pirates to come to this planet and unravel its riches and treasures, one of which would be the Eternal Soul . In reality the planet was sealed into a time-space barrier by Queen Freidias and the other surviving Mariglenndans to restrict the source of all Rune, the terrifying Mother, inside it until some powerful heroes come to destroy her. After Mother settled in the planet its surface from green and flourishing turned to red and desertic because of the effect of the Rune that corrupted the planet.


Freidias, the Queen of Mariglenn and also the mother of Kisala