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Insectors are small insects that you can catch at various places throughout the galaxy. The purpose for catching them is to make a team that can win battles against other opponents at the Insectron Stadium. The mini-game is first introduced in chapter 2 at Juraika before the party fight against Mud Whooper. The best time to start the Insector quest is when you have completed the Ghost Ship Extreme stages which requires you finish the game at least once. Reason is; completing the Ghost Ship Extreme rewards you an item that allows you to catch the most fearsome Insector in the game. However, it is possible to complete the Insector quest during mid chapters. By chapter 5 you can have all Traps and Cages at your disposal. Sanchez Fruit will also be available in unlimited amount by that chapter. So you can start the Insectron mini-game by chapter 5 and complete it by chapter 7 or 8. But it will take a lot of time if you try to complete the mini-game early. One major reason is you will spend most of time breeding and raising Insectors so that they are able to win those tough rounds at the tournament. While if you start the Insector quest by late chapters you will be able to catch high ranked Insectors. As such the time you will spend breeding and raising your Insectors will be very little. Once you have completed the Insectron mini-game talk to MIO to get the Hi-Tech Mobile Wear for Jupis.

Catching Insector[]

Before you start know that even with the right bait, traps and location there's no guarantee you will catch the Insector you are supposed to. The probability an Insector will get stuck in your traps is random. So if you fail to to trap the Insector you wanted you will have to keep trying. Firstly, you should get all Traps and Cages. Choose an Insector from the list below or from the high ranked ones. Go to the mentioned place and add the specified bait in all three traps. Do not stay in the game menu while your traps are on the fields. After 5 m

Collect Insector inside Insector Trap

inutes your Info Edge will make a sound. Check all 3 traps to see if you got the Insector you wanted. If not simply reset the traps again. Note that when you have caught an Insector it's gender will be determined when you collect it in your cage. So you should always save before collecting trapped Insectors. This way you can reset/ load until you obtain the desired gender. The Insectors will steal your bait or run away if you are using the wrong bait to trap them. If you are trying to trap the high ranked Insectors it might takes a few tries before you get them. Once you have caught an Insector you can place them in your cages. Each cage can hold 5 Insectors so at most you can only hold 15 Insectors using three cages.

Breeding Insector[]

Normally when you catch an Insector it will be in a larva state. An Insector can only breed if it’s an adult. Insectors have a lifespan in terms of points. If you reduce 20 points from that lifespan the Insector will become an adult. Points are deducted from the Insector's lifespan when you feed it an item. In brief, if you feed a larva Sanchez Fruit x7 it will turn into an adult. Feeding and breeding are all done in the Rearing Cages (inventory). Once you have a male and female adult in your cage feed them a Feed Formula. This will produce a new larva but the adults will die during the process.

Raising Insectors[]

It takes 5 minutes for an Insector to digest the item you gave it. You don’t have to wait for its satiety to be zero again you can feed the Insector when it’s satiety is in the red state. The maximum lifespan of an Insector should be around 160 points. If you use 20 points to turn them into adults then they still have 140 points left. Use the remaining points to maximize their stats. Refer to the feed table for more info. Insector can also be categorized in terms of levels and ranks. Highest level for one Insector is level 6 (ACE) and highest rank is 8 for its family. To level Insectors you can use Battle Feed or participate in tournaments. Battle feed is useless instead you should participate in tournaments at the Insectron Stadium.


Images Description
I con larva.png Indicates the Insector is still a larva
I con adult.png Indicates the Insector is now an adult
I con female.png Indicates the Insector is female
I con male.png Indicates the Insector is male
I con red.png Condition: Excellent
I con yellow.png Condition: Good
I con green.png Condition: Normal
I con blue.png Condition: Bad
I con purple.png Condition: Poor


Color is random factor and you should really ignore it. Excluding Dark Emperor and White Miracle there’s are 136 Insectors. Each can have a random color! Experimenting with color will take forever. All information here are combined for the purpose of staying away form "random factors" as much as possible!

The Dark Emperor can get a random color when bred, while the unobtainable White Miracle will always be the same color.

Feed Table[]

Name HP Str Def Knockback Confusion Cut Explosion Throw Poison Life
Battle Feed -1
Dark Onyx 2 -1
Diamond 2 -1
Edensia 2 1 1 1 1 1 -1 -1 -2
Electric Eel 2 -1
Firestone 2 -1
Hard Candy 2 -1
Juraikan Coffee Beans 2 -1
Lapis Lazuli 5 -1
Mellow Banana 5 -1
Nebula Opal 5 -1
Primeval Beef 2 -1
Pirate’s Grog 2 -1
Royal Fruit 5 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 -1
Ruby 2 -1
Sanchez Fruit 3 1 1 -3
Seventhmoon 1 -1 1 1 1 1 1 -3
Smoked Rainbow Newt 2 -1
Stella Crystal 2 1 1 1 -1 -1 1 1 -2
Sticky Gum 2 -1
Ultraspicy Pepper 2 -1
Yago Milk 1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 -2

The rules of Breeding[]

  • Breeding only can happen between adults. You cannot breed the same gender.
  • Feed Formula is the only item that triggers the breeding process
  • You can breed two adults only if their satiety is low or close to zero.
  • The adults will leave once the larva is born.
  • The offspring will inherit around 90% of the higher stats with some variation from either rank adult. If the resulting insector has higher minimum stats than what would have been inherited, the resulting insector's stat in that category would be around the minimum stat value.
  • The offspring will follow the family of the higher rank parent except in the cases of special breeding. If both adults rank are the same the offspring will follow the male family. Always save before breeding that way you can reset if anything went wrong.


Breeding same rank Insectors normally produces an offspring from the male adult family. But this doesn't happen all the time. Because some Insectors are considered as Special Breed. For instance, you would expect (male) Faerie + Faerie (female) = Handsome Faerie. However, that's not the case the offspring from those two faeries will be a Butterflap. That's because mating two rank 1 faeries is categorized as special breeding. Refer to this list for more info.

Special Breeding[]

Male   Female   Larva (Knife beetle family)
Spotted Lady + Tornado Mantis


Blade Beetle
Slaying Mantis + Slaying Mantis


Saber Beetle
Mantis + Big Staggy


Hatchet Beetle
Knife Beetle + Saber Beetle


Carver Beetle
Shoveler + Slaying Mantis


Crescent Beetle
Male   Female   Larva (Hercules beetle family)
Stun Staggy + Stun Staggy


Orion Beetle
Hercules Beetle + Orion Beetle


Narcissus Beetle
Big Staggy + Miss Mysterious


Susanoo Beetle
Male   Female   Larva (Bazoo beetle family)
Itsahorse + Itsahorse


Fishface Beetle
Staggy + Bomb Roller


Planet Beetle
Bazoo Beetle + Fishface Beetle


Kaboom Beetle
Drillerpillar + Gum Roller


Western Beetle
Male   Female   Larva (Flipperbug family)
Orion Beetle + Stinger Bill


Bomb Roller + Bomb Roller


Flipperbug + Turner


Super Mantis + Hatchet Beetle


Male   Female   Larva (Staggy family)
Hercules Beetle + Hercules Beetle


Stun Staggy
Staggy + Big Staggy


Saber Beetle + Orion Beetle


Mick Stagger
Male   Female   Larva (Mantis family)
Fishface Beetle + Flappillon


Slaying Mantis
Blade Beetle + Blade Beetle


Super Mantis
Mantis + Slaying Mantis


Tornado Mantis
Saber Beetle + Hip-Hopper


Shark Mantis
Male   Female   Larva (Cutterpillar family)
Hook Bee + Hook Bee


Rhyzas Looper
Cutterpillar + Cold Cuts


Super Mantis + Shoveler


Shangri La
Male   Female   Larva (Stingbee family)
Cold Cuts + Cold Cuts


Driller Bee
Buzzelina + Driller Bee


Spring Fever + Super Mantis


Bee Bee King
Male   Female   Larva (Flutterbug family)
Faerie + Faerie


Flutterbug + Flappillon


Desert Flapper
Driller Bee + Sprite


Male   Female   Larva (Springtail family)
Hoppin' Mad + Hoppin' Mad


Wide Spring
Cutter Spring + Driller Bee


Box Spring
Flappillon + Tall Spring


Springtail Master
Male   Female   Larva (Hopper family)
Tornado Mantis + Nightingale


Big Hoppa
Wide Spring + Wide Spring


Hoppin' Mad
Hop Skipper + Big Hoppa


Tornado Mantis + Wide Spring


Lord Hopper
Male   Female   Larva (Lady Beetle family)
Rollerover + Rollerover


Spotted Lady
Lady Beetle + Lovely Lady


Miss Mysterious + Fruit Roller


Horned Lady
Male   Female   Larva (Dung Roller family)
Miss Mysterious + Itsareindeer


Gum Roller
Flipperbug + Flipperbug


Bomb Roller
Dung Roller + Gum Roller


Fruit Roller
Lovely Lady + Drillerpillar


Spike Roller
Male   Female   Larva (Itsahorse family)
Kaboom Beetle + Kaboom Beetle


Itsahorse + Itsadonkey


Male   Female   Larva (Faerie family)
Butterflap + Butterflap


Handsome Faerie
Handsome Faerie + Miss Mysterious


Male   Female   Larva (Bombsnail family)
Big Bazoo Beetle + Dung Roller


Snail Bomber
Rollerover + Ladybird


Short Fuse
Slitherpede + Itsahorse


TNT Snail
Male   Female   Larva (Silkspider family)
Hopper + Slaying Mantis


Rollerover + Big Staggy


Iron Mantis + Miss Mysterious



Breeding to the highest rank and for the highest stats[]

First choose which Insectors you want to breed. Second, you need to turn them into adults. A fast method would be to feed 7-8 Sanchez Fruit to each of the so that the two larvas become adult as Sanchez Fruit take 3 life instead of 1. This usually takes 30 minutes or so because you have to wait until their satiety becomes low to feed them again. Now, as you already know the offspring inherits the parents’ stats. The higher the stats of the parents are the better stats the offspring will receive.

The offspring of the parents gets around 90% of the higher stat from both parents.  If one parent has 100 attack and the other has 20 attack, the offspring will have around 90 attack.  If both parents have 50 attack, the offspring will have around 45 attack. This means that treating both parents to different stats is more effective than feeding both parents to raise the same stat.  If the offspring have stats that are under their type's and rank's minimum, the stats will automatically be bumped up to the minimums.  Higher ranks have higher minimums.

There are 8 ranks to each Insector type except the Dark Emperor.  Most insectors caught randomly in cages are ranks 1-3.  When breeding, generally the resulting offspring is going to be one rank higher than the parent insector with the higher rank. For example, a rank 2 Blade Beetle can mate with a rank 1 Blade Beetle to make a rank 3 Saber Beetle assuming that the parents are of opposite gender and can breed. If two insectors of the same rank are bred, say a rank 1 Knife Beetle and a rank 1 Mantis, the gender will decide the result. If the Knife Beetle is Male and the Mantis is Female, the result would be the rank 2 Blade Beetle.  But if the Mantis is Male and the Knife Beetle is Female, the result would be a rank 2 Slaying Mantis.  There are however certain exceptions to this general rule.  For example, the result of breeding with a Dark Emperor will always be a Dark Emperor despite the Dark Emperor being classified as a rank 1.  The level of the insector has no bearing on the result.

You can level the adults by giving them Battle Feed or let them participate in the tournament at the Insectron Stadium. Participating at the tournament yields exp faster. Exp is rewarded for every Knockout on the enemy force so be sure to knockout all of the enemies and not just the King if hunting for exp. For tournaments that have not been cleared, the exp is high.  For tournaments that have been cleared, the resulting exp is halved. Just repeat your participation at the lower ranks or go to the 4th stage of the current one to then quit on the 5th stage to then repeat the high exp process. After every fight that is won, insectors that participated obtain a random boost in one stat that ranges from 1 to 3 if the stage has already be cleared before. After every new fight that is won insectors that have participated can obtain random boosts of 1 to 3 in multiple stats.  After a level up, the stats of an insector go up in all areas depending on their rank and type, by large amounts.

Trying to train and breed from the lowest rank is inefficient. Feeding a level 1 Insector with Sanchez Fruits until it reaches adult takes 30 minutes. Getting the same Insector to higher levels (3 for instance) takes more than 1 hour depending how fast you win rounds at the tournament while clea So if you feed and level both male and female simultaneously it will takes 1 hour 30 minutes to produce a strong offspring. Problem is; if you are trying to produce the highest rank Insector (i.e. rank 8) in a certain family, it takes too long. This only applies if you are breeding the Insectors in an orderly way while trying to reach the highest rank. For instance; first you breed Knife Beetle to a female Insector to produce Blade Beetle. Next, Blade Beetle to a female Insector to produce Saber Beetle. Feed & Breed until you produce the highest rank 8 Insector in that family which is Muramasa Beetle. This way you will lose 1 hour 30 minutes x 7. However, if you breed Insectors without leveling them you lose less time. To attain the highest rank in a particular family it will cost you 30 minutes x7 which is not bad actually.  So if you feel like you must raise an insector with high stats at rank 8, it is best to just do all of the stat raising while it is a rank 7.

An alternative way to produce the highest rank Insector in a certain family is to catch high ranked Insectors. For, instance Crescent Beetle is a rank 6 Insector. You can catch one at Vedan: Myna/ Observation Deck (Spaceport View). Using Crescent Beetle to produce Muramasa Beetle (highest rank) requires breeding the former twice only. As you have noticed it is a matter of one hour you will have the highest rank Insectron in that family at your disposal, however at near minimum stats of the rank 8 insector. To get higher stats from breeding more feeding should be done at rank 7 to get higher stats on the rank 8 offspring. Selecting a high rank insector as a breeding partner like the Itsapegasus from Zerard for the one that  you wish to get higher stats for will also grant a significant initial stat boost to a rank 8. Alternatively a person can rebreed an insector at rank 8 to potentially obtain better stats if its initial stats were poor. So you would want to catch those already high ranked Insectors. Unfortunately, there are very few ones out there and not for all families. But for those you can catch you should really get them to strengthen your Insectors team as fast as possible. Lastly, you can always try to breed the highest rank Insector that are available in this list. But you will still have to make your way around catching and feeding Insectors. The best method to get the highest rank Insectors is to catch those high ranked ones.

High Ranked Insectors[]

It might takes a few tries before you catch the high ranked ones. You can also catch them unlimited number of times.

Insector Families[]

Images Family Description Special move
Knife beetle family.png
Knife Beetle
The Knife Beetle is the leader of the Insector world. With its sword-like horn, it's always ready for battle. A benchmark among Insectors. Jumping Stab: Jumps high into the air and does big damage with its sharp horn!
Hercules family.png
Hercules Beetle
The hero of the Insector world, and a classic combination of strength and mystery. Crushes opponents with its incredible strength! Crushing Horn: Its rock-solid horns blow its opponent back one square! If another opponent is behind the first opponent, it can cause a chain reaction!
Bazoo beetle family.png
Bazoo Beetle
The Bazoo Beetle's pursed lips are no laughing matter, especially when it shoots its powerful cannon shells. Aim at opponents from a distance! Cannon Blast: Fires a cannon shell directly at its opponent.
Flipperbug family.png
Its unique body allows it to easily flip its opponent over! Apparently, some can even dig holes. Over Easy: Flips over opponents, making them immobile for two turns.
Staggy family.png
This sharp Insector grabs hold of opponents with its huge pincers! Watch as it hurls its foes with its prized pincers! Scissor Throw: Using its pincers, grabs and throws an opponent to its rear. Tosses its opponent into a square already occupied by an ally for additional damage. it can even throw its opponent outside of the playing field!
Mantis family.png
A lone soldier with skilled claws, sure to intimidate those around it. It can attack all surrounding enemies simultaneously with its special ability. Sickle Dance: A dangerous dance that attacks in all eight surrounding directions at once!
Cutterpillar family.png
A famously aggressive Insector that slams into its opponent with its sharp jaws and body! Be careful, as it is vulnerable to being surrounded after a body blow. Body Blow: A powerful moving attack that body blows opponents directly in front of the Cutterpillar.
Stingbee family.png
Behind that cute face hides poisonous creature of the Insector world. Slowly corners its opponent with its poison attacks. Poison Needle: This poisonous stinger attack gradually depletes an opponent's stamina on every turn.
Flutterbug family.png
Proud of both its ability to move freely and its patient demeanor, this Insector is popular among its peer for its elegant flying skills. Blast away your opponents with the power of its wings! Wing Flap: Blasts away opponents in its path with the power of its wings. Use this attack on close enemies to the edge of the field to blast them out-of-bounds!
Springtail family.png
This cool hypnotist moves with skillful style. Hypnotizes its opponents to immobilize them! Hypnotasm: Uses the power of hypnosis to make its opponents immobilize for two turns.
Hopper family.png
Sometimes, this Insector is a little too energetic. Corner your opponent's King quickly using its special jumping abilities. Giant Leap: Leap up 2 squares ahead, passing over any opponents in the way. Enemies leapt over will regret being there!
Lady beetle family.png
Lady Beetle
When troubles rears its head, call on this healer of the Insector world. The Lady Beetle's healing powers restore its friends' stamina. Healing Jig: A dance that recovers stamina and cures poison for all adjacent allies.
Dung roller family.png
Dung Roller
Does it simply roll dung, or is there more to is life? A defensive Insector that protects itself with a hard ball of dung. If this Insector is attacked, the dung will take the blow. Fill Hole: Fills holes in the earth with dung.
Itsahorse family.png
A genuinely self-satisfied horse that's not aware of how different it is in the Insector world and prefers to do things its own way. Kicks away opponents with its strong legs! Itsakick: Kicks away opponents to the front and the rear. Kick opponents at the edge of the playing field to send them out-of-bounds!
Faerie family.png
Once you look at a Faerie in the eye, there's no turning back. This little devil charms opponents into becoming allies. Use it to trick powerful opponents into joining your side! Charm Beam: Charm your opponent into joining your side. However, your stamina is reduced by half.
Bombsnail family.png
A dangerous mad bomb with a fierce fighting spirit burning inside the bomb on its back. When push comes to shove, it uses its special ability "Bomber" to self-destruct and take its enemies with it! Drop Bomb: Rolls a bomb forward causing heavy damage to the entire surrounding area! The bomb damages both enemies and allies alike, so be careful!
Silkspider family.png
A skilled hunter that builds webs of strong spider silk and then patiently awaits its prey. Stops Insectors in their tracks with its web! Sticky Net: Spits out sticky thread, forcing Insectors to move one square at a time within the area! it can also catch units that have been pushed back, keeping them on the play.
Dark emperor family.png
Dark Emperor
Its dark mask lures its prey to the dark side. Its powerful attacks blow back opponents and flip them over. Call forth The Emperor's Rage to pummel opponents into submission! The Emperor's Rage: The ultimate rage-filled lightning attack!

Insector List[]

Knife Beetle

Hercules Beetle

Bazoo Beetle









Lady Beetle

Dung Roller





Dark Emperor



Before you can participate at the Insectron Championship you need to have the Insectron License and your Insectron team must have at least 5 participants. Once you have met both requirements go to Zerard: East Side/ Near the Insectron Stadium. Head inside the stadium and talk to the announcer at the middle to begin the championship.

Choosing a team[]

Insectron Battle

As long as you are under Rank S matches; any Insector will do great in your team. Rank E to A can be won easily. However, once you hit Rank S you will find your opponents using overwhelming Insectors. At that point you will probably regret having not started with a strong team. The fastest way to form a strong team is to capture those high ranked Insectors. Additionally, if you capture a Dark Emperor your team will have a higher chance of winning those Rank S rounds. Dark Emperor is the best king you can have. It can knock opponents out of the board, hit from range and move three squares in all directions. But to capture Dark Emperor you will have to complete the game at least once. The second best candidate you can choose as King is undoubtedly Dung Roller. The frog like creature can block any attack with its roller. So if you want to complete the Insector tournament as soon as possible then a team with: - Heart Roller (King), Little Elf, Scissorface, Venus Beetle and Tornado Mantis will do fine. All of them can be caught directly. Once you have them make sure to maximize their attributes to maximum. With a few luck and tries you might win the all Rank S rounds.


Rank E (400z)
Rounds Rewards Experience
  • First win: 20
  • After first win: 12

Rank D (800z)
Rounds Rewards Experience
  • First win: 30
  • After first win: 15

Rank C (1, 200z)
Rounds Rewards Experience
  • First win: 35
  • After first win: 17

Rank B (2, 000z)
Rounds Rewards Experience
  • First win: 40
  • After first win: 20

Rank A (3, 200z)
Rounds Rewards Experience
  • First win:
    (1-2): 45 | (3-5): 50
  • After first win:
    (1-2): 22 | (3-5): 25

Rank S (6, 000z)
Rounds 1st Rounds 2nd Rounds 3rd
Rewards Rewards Rewards
  • (1-4): 60 | (5): 80
  • (1): 30 | (2-4): 40 | (5): 50
  • (1): 30 | (2): 40 | (3): 55 |
    (4): 65 | (5): 75

Match Rules[]

Basically, the Insectron Championship is a heated battle between Insectors. The battles are done tournament-style. Win five matches (consecutively but you can take a break between rounds) to advance through one rank. Insectron matches are 5-on-5 battles. One of the five Insectors on a team is designated as the King. If you defeat the opponent's King, you win. If your King is defeated you lose. The Insector designated as the King can only move one square at a time. This rule applies even to Insectors that can normally move two or more squares at once, such as winged-type Insectors.

Insectron (Vs. Battle)[]

Insectron p 01.png

You can participate in head-to-head matches by choosing the Insectron option from the menu at the title screen. However, first, you'll need to clear Rank D at the Insectron Championship. Once you have cleared Rank D save your game and reset. At the title menu choose the Insectron option. First thing is to register your team. You can either register from "password" or save file. It's easy to understand that from save file you load your Insectron team from the main game. The password option is different. Choosing this mode will prompt you to input 118 characters (alphanumeric). A correct input will load a whole team with their name, level, stats, positions. You can obtain such input from other players such as your friends. An example:

RjvgY trS6v HH4gs q01HE HEp0B
Buncx HPp45 DBxQW 49wmz 69EKr
gHD35 5E48c 6ZPeq pccN9 JBcSP
1BHA4 95xwP BYteq LPEeH 9ZBmD
UBbU4 TccUy LETy8 K1HmE mFKba
NXh0V 01KKN vcuVx STb

The above password will load a team name Dragoons consisting of: Dark Emperor, Fairy Tot, Escargoboom, Tarantuqueen, Flipperbug

To know you team password first you have to register your team from save file. Load data then edit the team. Next choose to view your team. Press triangle to view your team password. If you give your team password to another player he will be able to load your team in his game.

Insectron p 02.png Insectron p 03.png

The Insectron vs. Battle is for practice and fun only. This mode doesn't affect the main game. Make a strong team in the main game then load your team in this mode to battle against other players' team. This requires you get their password though.