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Gale Dorban

Gale Dorban is a former officer of the Longardian Federation on Vedan and an old friend of Deego Aegis and Angela Seas. He works under the Morarty family.


After they were given faulty information which caused them to attack a civilian vessel, both Gale and Deego quit the army. While Deego lost all drive to go on, Gale got in with the Morarty family because he was promised that he could help end the war and thus regain his pride and honor. After his duel with Deego, Daytron makes off with the Great Tablet, and when he tries to follow the ship one of the ship's turrets turns and fires at him. Gale realizes that he's been duped, and goes on to assassinate Zax Morarty and his men for tricking him.

Gale was later killed being stabbed with a gold-handled knife in the ribs by Morarty's son, Junia, in retaliation for his father's murder.


Gale is a tan-skinned elf-like humanoid, he has light purple hair and small patches of purple fur at the end of each ear. He dual wields a set of pistols.


Despite starting off as an antagonist of Deego, he shows that he agreed to go with Morarty in order to retain or protect his pride. He even shows a respectful side of himself when he hands Deego an Officer's Coin (a piece for Deego's Revelation) after their duel.


One can hold R1 (PS2) to shield, while using Wonder Howl repeatedly. Recharge drinks are a necessity for this. This method will defeat Gale in less than 10 attempts (exact number depends on stats).

(Method by Daemonkill22)

One can hold R1 (PS2) to shield and use Deego's gun to attack him when he isn't shooting and sometimes hitting him with Deego's axe, while using Top Dog and use recharge drinks when necessary.

(Method by Bopdog111)



  • Gale has been described by fans as being "too briefly featured", due to his unmistakable charismatic charm and incredible fighting skills.