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The unveiling of the Emperor on Zerard

The Emperor is the greatest creation of the Daytron Corporation. It is a mighty battleship of epic proportions and power and acts as the flagship of Valkog and company. 300 units are ordered for the Longardian Empire. Jaster and company never come into contact with it outside of cutscenes until the end of the game when they are forced to confront it...

Story Relevance[]

The Emperor was only designed with one thing in mind: prolonging the war effort between the Longardian Federation and the Draxilian Empire and thus garnering Daytron President Valkog even more profits from the war. In its unveiling ceremony, Valkog subtly coerces the Longardian Chairman into purchasing 300 units (the implication being that if he refused, Valkog would use his influence to shut down all of the government activities that used any Daytron equipment or ships, effectively kneecapping the entire government and subsequently the entire Wilherser System). Valkog later takes the ship on his trips through the galaxy in trying to locate the gate to Eden, taking one opportunity to even attack Salgin after Jaster and company foil his attempt to unlock the Great Tablet with the power contained within Seed. At the end of the story after the party defeats Mother, Valkog attempts to use the Emperor to collect a sample of raw Rune only to have the masterless Rune, their host and master slain by Jaster and company, drag the Emperor and all aboard into its depths and fuse the Emperor with Valkog, Norma and Izel to create the final boss: the Demon Battleship. Working together, the party must defeat this monstrosity piece by piece.