Rogue galaxy demon battleship by aliciasorafiora97-d5lkcke

Demon Battleship

The Demon Battleship is arguably the hardest boss in the game, it is 8 different bosses divided into one, There are two hands of Valkog (each is a different colors), a pair of pod walkers, the core, Dr. Izel who has become like Mr Hyde, Norma who surprisenly is still good looking despite her demonic form, and Valkog who is the heart of the Battleship, In the final battle Jaster and his friends divide and conquer, Deego and Jupis fight the hands of Valkog, Simon and Steve fight the two pod walkers, Lilika fights the core guarded by a pod walker that repairs after an amount of time after you kill it, Zegram, Kisala and Jaster fight their oppasites which means Zegram fights Izel, Kisala fights Norma, and Jaster fights Valkog,