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Deego Aegis is a war veteran of the Longardian Federation who was sent on a mission that went out of control. He and his best friend Gale Dorban were sent out on a mission to eliminate disguised smugglers, which were, in fact, actual children on a civilian vessel. His right arm was torn off in the confusion, and replaced with a cybernetic one, composed of nearly 100 pieces. He and Gale then moved to the planet Vedan, where he thought he could be content by drinking his life away at Angela's Bar. No matter what, Deego would not leave the bar, but would stay. He thinks by drinking he can stay out of trouble, but since his friend Gale began to get himself into the local brawls, he begins to no longer have a choice. During the game, Deego reveals his feelings for Angela.


Deego was brave and strong-willed before his accident. After that, he became full of cowardice and was afraid of everything. He has dificulty keeping his temper sometimes, but other than that, he is good willed and kind to his companions. Deego is not gullible, and he is rarely fooled.


A member of the Quan race, Deego appears as a Brown Pitbull Boxer-human mix. He has a white chest and paws. Deego stands as a human normally would. Deego is an original character - he is the only one to appear as a dog. Deego's clothes and portable cannon are customizable.


Deego's main weapon is a massively large axe, held in his cybernetic arm and stored on his back when not used. Deego's long range weapon is a portable cannon that he attaches to his armor during battle. This gun can be customized with different types of guns, such as a Gatling type which has a large clip, low damage and high knockback, or explosive type with high damage, a small clip and almost no knockback.