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The Daytron Corporation is the primary shipbuilding company of Rogue Galaxy, known for the quality of their ships but also the holders of a monopoly over the galaxy. Without their ships, there is no travel, thus no commerce. Places that depend on their supplies, such as the desert planet Rosa that have few natural resources, would be cut off from outside contact. Company president Valkog, along with his assistant Norma and his associate Dr. Izel, form the head triumvirate in control of Daytron. All of them are acutely aware of what a position of power they are in.


The Daytron Corporation is a shipbuilding company based on Zerard. Due to their technology bringing the possibility of commerce to the galaxy, the economy of Zerard has exploded in recent years. In time, Daytron grew large and powerful enough to form a monopoly over the galaxy, enabling them to (if they so chose) shut down all government activities. However, commerce was not profitable enough to satisfy president Valkog: using tensions between the Longardian Federation and the Draxilian Empire as an excuse, he used his influence to escalate and prolong the war between the two political entities. His ultimate plan revolves around an ancient and awesome power rumored to exist on the phantom planet Eden; a plan that, if successful, could enable him to prolong the war indefinitely and force planet after planet to pay him tribute and protection as monsters and conflict flood ever further into the reaches of space...

Admiral Banarge (left) urges the Chairman (right) not to buy into Valkog's plan during a cutscene


Despite Valkog's intentions, there are some in the governemnt that oppose his warmongering. Admiral Banarge is outspoken in his anti-war beliefs and tries his best to convince the Chairman of the government to stop agreeing with Valkog. However, as seen during the cutscene where Valkog unveils the Emperor, it is hard to do the right thing when the man who can shut down your government is standing over you, offering you the choice to either buy into his idea or say goodbye to your entire government.


The Daytron Starship Factory on Zerard can be entered and is the location of both the Factory level and item-making minigame. In addition, another location can be found on Alistia, but this one cannot be entered. Rather, it serves as the backdrop for a boss fight.