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A frame from Deego's Revelation Flow

The Revelation Flow, or, rather, Revelation FlowCHART, contains a list of slots grouped together that, when each group is filled with the required items, unlocks special abilities or traits for the character who owns the chart.


  • Make sure to upgrade your characters equally, though you should probably favor Jaster above the other characters slightly due to the fact that he can never NOT be in the active party.
  • Some of the items are rather hard to find. If you don't feel like fighting a ton of enemies, you can find unlimited amounts of virtually every item in the last chapter if you visit a shopkeeper. In addition, the second playthrough supplies all shops with unlimited amounts of whatever they normally carry.
  • Virtually every item that you can buy or find can be used in someone's Flow. Always check when the Revelation tab in the pause menu is flashing - that means that somebody has a possible upgrade available.

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