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Zegram's Burning Strike Level 3, mid-move

The Burning Strike is a move than can be unlocked for every character in which a long combo of attacks (made by hitting the correct buttons with proper timing) deals high damage to a single enemy. When equipped properly, this attack can be one of the most powerful in the entire game, upgradable across three levels (burning strike levels one, two, and three), with the higher levels having longer and more damaging combos then the lower ones. This attack can be unlocked by collecting Ancient Scrolls and putting them into their corresponding slots in the Revelation Flow. To use the Burning Strike during a battle, you need to collect small teal orbs appropriately called Burning Orbs dropped by enemies. Each orb you collect fills up a bar that slowly fills with power. After collecting the desired amount of orbs, get close to an enemy and hold down R1 and Square. This will start the Burning Strike.

Burning Strike Level 1 needs 5 bars to be filled, Level 2 requires 7 bars and Level 3 requires 9 bars.