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Angela Seas

Angela Seas is an old acquaintance of both Deego Aegis and Gale Dorban and owner of a bar in the city of Myna on the planet Vedan. She is Deegos' lover.

During the first visit to Vedan the group must visit Angelas' bar in order to progress the plot and acquire Deego as the final obtainable party member.


Angela comes across as a caring, kind and friendly individual. She is first seen trying to convince Deego to stop drinking his sorrows away and to go back to 'how he used to be.' She is shown to have a deep concern for him that stems from the fact that she loves him dearly and this is shown through her other actions. She believes leaving Vedan and Deego behind may be the best thing for him even if it deeply hurts her as it will stop him from relying on her and make him deal with his issues properly. After Kisala convinces Deego to get to the train station before she is gone for good Deego manages to convince her to stay by admitting that he needs her. She is finally happy to see Deego back to his old self and the pair share a gentle embrace. She is content to wait for Deego to return to her after he finishes his journey with Jaster. The fact that she saved the photo of her, Deego and Gale from the fire and still holds onto it shows how much they mean to her.


Angela is a light-skinned elf-like humanoid, she has long blonde hair and small patches of blonde fur at the end of each ear. She has blue eyes. She wears a purple tiara like band around her forehead with a light purple metal decoration. Her purple dress is long and very detailed reaching to just above her ankles. There appears to be a dark purple under piece that covers her shoulders and part of her neck. Her arms are covered in purple sleeves that end at her wrist and have blue criss-cross detailing along them and dark purple, poofy detailing near the top. Her dress has a piece that covers her neck then goes into a halter neck like design over her chest with a pink rose pin on the left side. There is more of the dark purple poofy detailing around her hips. The dark purple detailing just above where her dress ends is a line of black roses. She wears dark purple heels with ankle straps and light purple roses on the front.